Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Time

So I had all those pumpkins from the farm, so the next step of course was to carve them. I did three, one with my toddler room (AM), one with my preschoolers (PM), and one for home.

The first one I did was the one with my afternoon preschool class. I had a few of the children help me cut the top off and then I scraped the insides out. I put them in a couple of bowls at two tables for the children to play with and separate the seeds, and I took those who didn't want to get messy at a separate table and they helped me with the face. I had six children, so I let each child draw one of the facial features, including ears. The result was one of the cutest pumpkins I've ever done.

The I did the pumpkin with my morning toddler class. Most of them were less then interested, but I had a few helpers point where we should point the nose and mouth (though I did have to move the nose down a bit because there was no room where they wanted it right between the eyes). But we ended up with an adorable sideways mouth.

Then I did my pumpkin for home. This is the pumpkin I wanted to do last year, but just ran out of time. It is a bit fancier then the ones I did for work, and I am very proud of it. Meet my dog, Finn!

And the inspiration behind the pumpkin...

I can't wait for everyone to see my pumpkin when they come trick-or-treating tonight! Maybe I will bring my work pumpkins home too.

And her is a bonus picture of the ghosts I made with Nutter Butters!

Happy Halloween!


  1. That is such a cool way to carve a pumpkin with your class! I love what they came up with! SO cute! And oh my gosh! Your dog pumpkin is adorable! It totally looks like him!

  2. I LOVE your Finn pumpkin! It is adorable and when I saw the picture of him next to it, I laughed so hard. I love you guys. Great job!